Sometimes, planning a trip with family or friends can be a pain. Not everyone might agree with your itinerary and frankly, there aren’t enough Google spreadsheets in the world to convince the whole group to sit down and plan together at the same time due to whatever reason.

Here’s where Ready To Travel comes in.

Ready To Travel, a subsidiary of SATS, is a travel app that provides users with a collaborative platform to organise trips. Users can create a “trip” in the app and send the link to a friend where they can access it (via the app). They can then add their own activities in the itinerary or make changes, which you can view in real-time.

It was first launched in 2017 and upgraded just two months ago. Today, they unveiled 3 new features at a media event at Salt Grill & Sky Bar at iON Orchard.

In simple terms, the app is every traveller’s best friend.

To know more about the app, check out the video: