While there are tons of family comedy shows out there, there’s none like No Good Nick. The show first came out in April earlier this year on Netflix with 10 episodes. Part 2 is just announced to premiere on 5 August this year.

It stars Hawaiian-Filipino actress Siena Agudong as the main character, a 13-year-old con artist named Nicole aka Nick who plots revenge on Ed and Liz Thompson (Sean Astin and Melissa Joan Hart) who unknowingly ruins her family’s life that results in the imprisonment of her father (Eddie McClintock).

So after conning The Thompsons into fostering her, she lies and secretly steals from them, making their teenage kids Jeremy (Kalama Epstein) and Molly (Lauren Lindsey Donzis) suspicious of her.

Nick (Siena Agudong) visits her father (Eddie McClintock) in prison.

The backstory sounds a bit heavy for a sitcom, doesn’t it? I remember stumbling across it while surfing through Netflix for a show to watch and the premise immediately caught my attention. So I gave it a shot and ended up really enjoying it.

Yes, the show does deal with pretty heavy stuff for a show that’s seemingly light-hearted. Generally, No Good Nick is family-friendly with jokes fitting for the genre, some even a bit on the mellow side. But the show does occasionally hit you in the gut with its more emotional plot developments, sometimes when you least expect it even.

Nick (Siena Agudong) watching with a mischievous smile.

Perhaps it’s because of how smart the script is when showing Nick’s impressive con skills and also Agudong’s maturity in playing such a character so well. Both of these factors made me forget momentarily that Nick is after all just 13 years old so it can be quite emotional seeing her caught between desperately trying to help avenge her father and trying to be a regular teenage girl who yearns for family love.

Molly Thompson (Lauren Lindsey Donzis) doesn’t look too happy while hugging Nick.

Part 2 of No Good Nick will be released on Netflix on 5 August. After nearly getting exposed last time, Nick has to work harder now to keep her secret intact from The Thompsons who are growing more and more suspicious of her mysterious background.

Check out the trailer: