If you’re a frequent traveller to Malaysia and Indonesia, this latest free unlimited data roaming service by TPG Telecom may be the one for you.  

What are the benefits?

  1. Free unlimited data roaming in Malaysia and Indonesia
  2. Unlimited calls to Singapore mobile numbers
  3. 20 call minutes to Singapore fixed lines
  4. Free incoming calls and SMS

The catch: it starts from the middle of this coming July. For families, this benefit may have missed the big June school holidays. But it’s all good! There’s time to plan for a short weekend getaway or a longer vacay in December, if you’re wanting to switch over.

According to TPG executive chairman David Teoh, Malaysia and Indonesia are two of the top favourite places for Singaporeans to travel to because they’re close by. He also assures that there won’t be any extra roaming service to sign up for.

Plus, it’s no secret that we just love holidaying in places where there’s good food and culture like Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Denpasar.

promo shots of TPG Telecom
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A little background on TPG

TPG Telecom is Singapore’s fourth telcom. Though based in Australia, TPG spokesperson said that its mobile business on our sunny shores will be kept separate and is run by a “strong locally-based team”.

Last December, they announced their mobile service trial for 2019, offering a free service for a year to the first 20,000 subscribers. There’s also special love for senior citizens aged 65 and above as they get a SIM card, 3GB of monthly and free unlimited calls to local mobiles for the first year.

So now at the halfway mark of 2019, TPG is amping up their efforts to gain more traction. By targeting Singaporeans who frequently travel to Malaysia and Indonesia, giving free unlimited data roaming as part of the subscription is a dream for any user.

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With more and more new telcom companies opening in Singapore, it can be hard to choose from the many enticing promotions. To make an informed decision, read up on what each company offers and choose the one that serves your needs best. 

Ultimately, it’s your lifestyle that determines how you use your phone.