There are two genres of games that I tend to ignore; Sports and Racing. Both share the same repetitive nature that I honestly find boring (though you of course might feel differently). I just don’t find the games stimulating enough to maintain my attention for long.

It’s the same whether it’s FIFA, Madden, Forza or Gran Turismo.

That’s why when I say I’m intrigued by F1 2019, you should be too.

Codemasters has been slowly plugging away dutifully on the series for nearly a decade now and it finally looks like the tenth’s time the charm. It goes without saying that Codemasters has the license for the motorsport, so expect accurate representations of teams, cars and tracks.

I’m mostly intrigued by the prospect of the career mode, where you’re placed in the F2 2018 series before moving up the F1 2019 races. There’s no F2 2019 races at launch but Codemasters’ going to be adding that as a free content patch down the road.

The Career mode seems interesting because they come with their own fictional storyline, instead of just a generic career mode where you pick your team and race. Rivalries and race performance seem to impact how the mode plays out, which sounds like incredible fun…and those with early copies seem to agree.

Then there’s also the much improved visuals, which is ALWAYS a plus.

I’m no graphics whore but F1 2019 looks damn stellar, especially when you’re comparing it to previous versions of the game. Everything looks MUCH better; the lighting looks more natural, the shadows more defined, even the textures look sharper.

The amount of content in the game (and how it looks) has definitely piqued my interest and I’m honestly excited to play the game…which isn’t something I can say for every racer I come across.

So when can you get the game? Sooner than you think for it’s out this week!

It’ll be coming out on June 28 (Friday!) and you can preorder it right now on Lazada at PlayTrends’ store for $75.90 (16% discount from the $89.90 MSRP). The game’s also coming for the Xbox One and PC too if you’re playing on those platforms instead.

We’ll have a review of the game up as soon as we get our hands on it!

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