Wobbuffet fans, rejoice! Just a couple of days ago, Pokémon Center Singapore brought in a new collection of merchandise for sale – Let’s Wobbuffet.

Let’s Wobbuffet is a collection that was initially launched in April in Japan earlier this year. The merchandise features, as you’d expect, the ever smiley-looking Pokémon known as Wobbuffet. If you’ve missed out on getting this merchandise back then, or simply didn’t know of it until now, here’s your chance to get your hands on them!

A number of other Pokémon are featured as part of this collection as well, namely: Pikachu, Eevee, Ditto, Combee, and Audino. However, unlike any other plush toy of them, these Pokemon will all take on Wobbuffet’s zealous expression instead. These plushies retail at $38 per piece.

Photo by Sheryl Lim

Plush toys aren’t the only things that are part of this collection though! Shirts, socks, bags, files, badges and a couple of other things are featured as part of the collection as well. The cheapest items are random badges (going at $5 a piece), while the priciest ones are the shirts (going at $48 per piece).

Unfortunately, not all of the items previously sold as part of the collection are available. I didn’t manage to spot any mugs on sale at the venue. However, there do seem to be new items on sale as well, such as pouches and smaller bags (as pictured above).

Regardless, here’s a full gallery of images of the items from the collection I did spot on sale at the Pokémon Center itself:

That’s not all the new merchandise that Pokémon Center Singapore has on sale. A new lineup of starter Pokemon plushies, from Generation 1 to Generation 7, have been released as well! These go at $26 for a plush, and stand at about 7 inches tall. Here’s a picture of the toys:

Shelves of starter Pokemon plush toys. / Photo by Sheryl Lim

While these plushies aren’t unique, or part of a limited edition collection, it’s probably best to go get your hands on them before they run out of stock!

Pokémon Center’s Let’s Wobbuffet collection, along with some older collections, are all on sale at Jewel Changi.

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