Calling itself “the Being Beyoncé’s assistant for the day: DONT GET FIRED THREAD”, this series of tweets has recently gone viral on social media.

Screenshot of the Beyonce 'choose your own adventure' Twitter game called “the Being Beyoncé’s assistant for the day: DONT GET FIRED THREAD”

The Twitter game is like a highly entertaining Choose Your Own Adventure story. Its creator is Twitter user Green Chyna who has made many other similar threads.

Beyonce Knowles performing at a concert
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It features one of the most iconic singers in the world today, Beyonce Knowles whom Forbes reports has a net worth of $400 million. When combined with her rapper husband Jay-Z, they have a staggering collective of over $1 billion.

However, they don’t get there without hard work. Over the years, Beyonce has evolved from singer to actress to entrepreneur and a badass boss! The successful entrepreneur is recently involved in many ventures, including an impressive partnership with Adidas to relaunch her Ivy Park’s activewear line, voicing Nala in the latest Lion King movie remake and releasing a live album called ‘Homecoming’ and even a Netflix special of her 2018 Coachella performance. And on top of all that, she’s a mother of three beautiful children.

It sure ain’t easy being the Queen B! So imagine being her personal assistant helping her in every step of the way in her projects and ensuring that everything goes smoothly. Maybe that’s the inspiration behind the latest viral Twitter thread.

Beyonce Knowles gif that says "I'm not bossy. I'm the boss."

How the game works

Screenshot of the Beyonce 'choose your own adventure' Twitter game called “the Being Beyoncé’s assistant for the day: DONT GET FIRED THREAD” with the first question.
The game starts off with an easy “what’s for breakfast” question.

Put yourself in the shoes of Beyonce’s assistant and face decisions in interesting scenarios supposedly typical of the life of your boss aka Beyonce. To progress in the game, tap on the choice.

With every choice you make, you survive another day moment of being her assistant. And that’s where the game gets more and more difficult!

What people are saying

At the point of writing this article, the opening tweet has achieved 92.5K retweets and 243.6K likes and everyone on social media is talking about it. What makes it fun is Green Chyna’s creativity and the players’ reactions to every choice they make playing the game.

Here are some of the best reactions:

Players' mixed reactions saying they are stressed from the game.
Twitter player's reaction of facing hard choices in the game with a stressed Shakira gif.
Twitter player's reaction of making it to the next step in the game with a baby gif exclaiming "Yeahhh! I made it!!!"

It also gets funnier when they start getting cocky. Like this one:

Twitter player's cocky reaction with a sassy Chris Evans or Captain America meme.

Not everyone can be so lucky, though:

Twitter player's reaction to being deceived by a tricky part of the game
Twitter player's reaction of 'getting fired' and losing in the game

If you ever wonder what it’s like to be Sasha Fierce’s right-hand person, give it a try! Whether you’re part of the Beyhive or just a casual Twitter user, the game is all in good fun. 

Happy playing and oh, don’t get fired!