Maybe you’re tired of horror games where you get spooked by ghouls and zombies, jumping out at you from dark corners of clearly haunted areas. Maybe you’re faint-hearted and want to try your hand at a horror game that won’t make you jump when you’re walking alone in the dark. Whatever it is – Carrion might just be the game for you.

Newly announced today, Carrion is a horror game that twists the basic premise of the genre. Instead of being the scared, helpless victim, you are the monster, striking fear into the hearts of whoever might cross your path. Check out the game’s reveal trailer here:

What’s Carrion going to be about?

Described by developers Phobia Game Studio as a “reverse horror game”, Carrion places the player in control of an amorphous creature. Think of it as playing as one of the alien Symbiotes in Venom – a slimy-looking creature that moves about and attacks others by using its tendrils.

See the big red lump with tentacles? That’s the player; the monster. / Phobia Game Studio

The game itself is set in a scientific laboratory, where scientists have been studying the imprisoned monster. The player will be seeking refuge in vents, corridors and even television sets strewn around the laboratory, whilst taking down anyone in its path and growing stronger.

Of course, being a rogue monster doesn’t come without its struggles. It seems that players will have to strategise to avoid taking damage from items used by the scientists, such as flamethrowers.

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Dodging fire. / Phobia Game Studio

Whether there’s going to be a clear storyline, or objectives to follow in Carrion, is unclear at this point. There probably would be some sort of underlying storyline about how the creature came to be, discovered as it makes its way out of the laboratory it was trapped (and possibly born) in. Regardless, judging from the trailer alone, the game seems like it’ll be a fresh take on 8-bit platformers and horror games alike!

Carrion will be launching in 2020 on both consoles and PC.

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