No, you’ve not suddenly gone back in time or living in an alternate timeline. This year’s Call of Duty installment will be called Modern Warfare. Yes, Call of Duty 4 was also called Modern Warfare. This looks to be a soft reboot of it,

How do we know?

Watch the trailer and guess.

Yep, that glorious mustachioed (accompanied by the equally glorious muttonchops) man with the cigarette from the first part of the trailer is none other than the infamous Captain Price from the original Modern Warfare.

The desert setting looks similar to some of the stages from the original game too, though some of the other parts look completely new. The terrorist attack in London? That’s definitely new to this one.

There’s still a ton of things we don’t know yet about the game but information’s slowly leaking out from Activision.

Chief among them is that Modern Warfare will ditch the Season Pass and offer maps, content and other post launch stuff free to all players.

Of course, this being Activision, we reckon there’s still going to be a ‘Whatever Pass’ at play in some form, perhaps for cosmetics or enhanced progression. Now, this is just conjecture at this point, so don’t come for us if we’re wrong.

Another interesting tidbit that we’ve learned is that the game will feature cross-platform play. No word on cross-console play, but it’s confirmed that console players will be able to play against PC games. Let the battle between mouse and keyboard and controllers begin!

There’s also going to be a campaign mode (as if the trailer wasn’t already indicative of that) as well as a separate co-op mode called Elite Operations.

Powering all this will be a completely new engine, with its first appearance being Modern Warfare. This new remake/reboot will also be down by Infinity Ward, the same guys behind the original and Infinite Warfare (my personal favourite in the series).

The game is slated for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and currently has an October 25 2019 release date. You can check out the game’s blog to keep updated on the latest.

Expect more information to come pretty soon, as E3 is just a couple of days away.

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