In an effort to continuously improve our content and go one step beyond in our coverage, not only will we be posting the kind of decent deals you should be looking out for, we’ll additionally provide a short walkabout session in this post as well!

Let’s see what The PC Show has in store for us this time.

Top Deals

We checked, the GTX 1050 on the promo on the top left is false; The pricing is for the GTX 1060 model so rest assured!

ASUS FX505GM – Cheapest GTX 1060 yet @ $1698

Due to both distributors and Asus themselves wanting to clear stocks for last generation laptops to make way for the new ones, we finally see some good deals coming in from the show floor if one is looking for gaming laptops. This is by far the cheapest I’ve seen a chassis with the respectable GTX 1060 6Gb goes for.

Unfortunately, this laptop only came with 8Gb of memory so it is recommended to shell out another ~$100 to make it 16Gb at least but even at $1798, this is still a great deal!

We found this deal from a re-seller named “Infinito Atrix” so check them out!

Canon EOS R @ $3,399/$4,898

It seems like we hardly see deals on cameras in terms of cashbacks or straight up price reductions, but sometimes the freebies from these kinds of shows may sweeten the deal; this is certainly the case for this Courts promotion.

Canon’s own promotion includes getting their EF to RF adaptor for free that normally costs about $300 which allow you to use your current EF lenses, if you have any. Courts’ own promotion also includes an original LP-E6N battery (worth ~$90) together with a $200 cashback if you buy it with the kit lens, making the lens cost $1,499 plus other freebies.

We covered several events (including this one) with the Canon EOS R, so if you like what you see recently, do check out our review which will be out very soon!

Dell U2417H @ $336

Want a decently color accurate monitor for office work or content creation? Look no further than the U2417H @ Courts. While $336 is just about the kind of price you should expect to pay for something like this, I’m pretty sure that they could discount it to about $300 or so, making it a great deal. The Dell U series is still my pick when it comes to 1080p monitors with their solid build quality and decent color accuracy (I should I know; I have 3 of these last generation ones!).

More savvy users should also take note that these LG manufactured panels are easily able to run at @72Hz if you have the know-how to do so; making them slightly better for games even if it does lack G-sync/Freesync or really high refresh rates.

My Republic Fibre Broadband @ $32.99/month

It looks like My Republic is continuing their aggressive policy of gaining market share by lowering their prices this year’s The PC Show. If I remember correctly, $29.99/month was their peak promotion some years back for this plan but at $32.99, it’s still one of the lowest 1Gb/s plans out there!

As usual, do check out the customer experience in your local hardware forums before switching providers; though I have to say, that pricing has me tempted! Perhaps ViewQwest can convince me to stay with their own promotion in Sept (wink wink).

Inspiron 15 3000(3580) @ $1120

We found another pretty cheap Dell laptop that can be used as a decent office/productivity laptop. It features decent specs for the price if you have nothing against using AMD GPUs on laptops complete with a decent processor although 8Gb of memory won’t get you far these days.

We got a quotation of $1120 for this laptop so disregard the pricing on the image.

[Bonus] Lenovo ideapad S130 @ $599

Looking for a cheap, budget-oriented laptop? We got you covered! We spotted this really cheap laptop (with albeit low specs) in the standard 15.6” form factor at $599; perfect for office users looking to buy a cheap business laptop for productivity apps and web surfing.


It is interesting to note that unlike the other quarterly events, the event organizing company behind The PC Show in June did have a short walkabout session planned for the media this time; we went to several booths touring their products with people at the booth giving us a short presentation.

This is more akin to other professional events which is nice to see from the organizers; kudos to them!

Below are, of course, the highlights from our tour:

Sonos & Klipschs

We toured the guys that does distributions for the Sonos and Klipschs brands. Sonos is currently doing a software implementation that integrates smart home features to use both Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Samsung Trade-in Special

Samsung is having a trade-in Special on their TVs! You can read more from the banner above.


We got a short tour of the SecretLab booth, featuring their new line-up of chairs that includes the “Game of Thrones” edition which is available for preorder.

HADO Singapore

We saw a cool live-demo of an AR-based game named Hado which is imported from Japan, I tried it out and it seemed fun! Prices are based on a per-session basis but they are in the midst of moving into a new location so exact prices for booking a game of this is unknown for now.

Previous prices for the below demoed game are at $15 for a 30-minute session per person.

You can read more at their website here.

Drone Demo

Ever want to try out flying a drone? There is a booth near the end of the hall that does just that! They’re currently doing distributions for smaller drone brands but they also carry major brands such as DJI as well.

Below is a presenter demo on how to fly a drone:


We saw a certain prominent moderator for a local hardware forum today! Hi Vijay!

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