If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at Dungeons & Dragons, now’s your chance! Just today, game developer Ludia launched a Dungeons & Dragons-themed mobile game, Warriors of Waterdeep, on both Android and iOS.

What’s gameplay like?

The game itself takes you on an adventure in Waterdeep, a city currently facing the threat of invasion. Throughout the course of the game, players will be able to choose their heroes, fight monsters, collect treasures and carry out their own adventures in the Forgotten Realms!

Much like in the traditional tabletop style of D&D, combat will be tactical and turn-based. While we’re not sure if players will have to roll for initiative (i.e roll a dice to decide whether their action succeeds or fails) in an app, the general concept of strategising to take down monsters remains the same.

Unlike the standard tabletop version of D&D though, players won’t be able to create and customise their own heroes. Instead, Warriors of Waterdeep will have its players choose from a couple of readily available heroes – ranging from the likes of Shevarith, a human wizard, to Farideh, a tiefling warlock.

Players will also be able to level up their character of choice. Plus, players can also collect and upgrade various weapons and equipments in order to do even higher damage on the battlefield!

Is it free to play?

Based on just the game’s listings on the Play Store and the App Store, it’s free to download. However, the Warriors of Waterdeep offers a monthly subscription at USD $9.99 (amounting to about SGD $14).

While we’re not exactly sure what this monthly subscription entails, we’re assuming it’s for in-game currency or stamina, to allow you to continue adventuring for longer.

All in all, Warriors of Waterdeep sounds like a pretty good game to pick up for someone getting into D&D for the first time. Check it out if you’re into role-playing games!

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