If you’ve been chomping at the bit waiting for a teaser trailer for Star Trek: Picard, it’s your lucky day.

Be warned though…it might not be what you expect.

Here you go.

Seems like Picard’s back to his family’s vineyard after leaving Starfleet, just like the alternate future shown in ‘All Good Things…’, the Star Trek: The Next Generation finale.

The vineyard’s not really new, it’s been shown before in TNG and even referenced in Star Trek Generations, but it’s certainly a surprise to see that Picard would actually follow through on his plans to retire there.

The trailer seems to paint a pretty dismal picture for our favourite Star Trek Captain. Something bad happened 15 years ago…but what was it? The destruction of Romulus? A Borg invasion? The return of the Dominion?

There’s just so many things we want to know that the trailer doesn’t reveal! We can’t wait for the show to come out! We don’t remember being this excited for a Star Trek product since First Contact!

Remember though, if you want to watch Star Trek: Picard locally, all you have to do is sign up for Amazon Prime. The series will ONLY be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

Before we go, here’s a teaser poster to accompany the trailer.

star trek picard
If Jean-Luc really did plant his grapes like that, he must have a TON of unresolved Starfleet related issues…

Unfortunately, we still have no idea when the series will premiere. Keep checking in, we’ll definitely have the news when it’s announced!

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