Without posting any spoilers, we seem to have come to the end of another great show that simply ended too early. Star vs. The Forces of Evil ended its series today with its finale, Cleaved, airing on 19th May 2019 that left the community split (ehhhhh?) over the ending of this great show.

However, a petition on change.org immediately gathered traction after the end of the show to urge our Mouse overlords to gives us more of the show and has since crossed the 20,000 signature mark (quite a lot for a relatively unknown cartoon).

This has worked before

Several shows have seen additional content, or even straight up renewals this way due to fan demand in some form. Futurama was brought back in the same fashion after the series ended in 2004 that ended with (4) Straight to DVD movies before being eventually being picked up by AdultSwim to run for a few more seasons. Even after that, the voice actors and even the creator, Matt Groening has expressed interest in still producing more episodes of the show; so much so that a podcast version of the show was made to prove that point.

In Disney’s own repertoire, we can see the Kim Possible live-action movie as additional content due to the popularity of the show. So, Disney has done this before in recent history and I don’t see why this couldn’t be another case if there is enough outcry and users to warrant such a decision.

Expressed Interest

I think a show only ever truly dies when there are no more stories left to be told by the creators themselves; I think this is certainly not the case here. The tell-tale signs are all there from the main parties; who have expressed support for more content in some way. Below you can see one of the duo’s voice actor, Adam Muto, showing support for the fan petition:

Even Daron herself, in an interview with KidScreen just this year, has expressed the same kind of interest in a continuation which you can read below.


Me right now, obviously.

Looks like not all hope is lost for some kind of content; either taken in the form of an official, canon comic, or a straight up renewal (even on another network, if Disney permits) could still be in the cards.

A fan of the show has also let me know that there are publishing houses in the US such as Dark Horse Comics that would be willing to publish creator owned comics if the opportunity arises. So there are avenues open for doing something that is less budget intensive if the creator truly wants to do so.

Of course, this is all speculation as we do not know much about the business and finances of the shows being owned by Disney.

Still, expect additional follow-up content from me regarding this wonderful show. If you haven’t already, do check this show out!

You can come sign the petition by using the following link here.

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