While most everyone was tuning in to the season finale of Game of Thrones, HBO dropped their latest trailer for Season 3 of Westworld.

The chilling new trailer gives us a glimpse of the show in a completely different setting, populated with sleek, flying cars and robots that don’t look human. Elements from the show’s past two seasons have still carried over, though, with the world still being populated by futuristic robots, and a glimpse at a familiar face.

Check out the chilling trailer for the hit sci-fi series’ here:

Where does Singapore come in?

While the new season promises to be full of tension and action, there’s a small scene in the trailer, already, that Singaporeans would appreciate!

Around the 50 second mark of the trailer, there’s a shot of an aircraft landing with a city’s skyline in the background. Upon closer inspection, it’s clear that the skyline is that of Singapore’s central business district.

For reference, here’s a clear picture of Singapore’s skyline:

Photo Credits: Erwin Soo, on Flickr

And here’s the image of the shot in question. If you zoom in on where we circled in the image (and towards the right end of the reference image), you should be able to spot two buildings in common. These are the HSBC building (the shorter, squarish one), and the taller Maybank building (with the arched lights).

Photo Credits: HBO

It’s a nice touch, too. After all, Singapore does pride itself on some of its technological advancements. As subtle as the background shot might have been, it’s still pretty cool to see Singapore’s skyline set in a futuristic dystopia – even more so in a popular show like Westworld. Plus, who knows? We might just get more shots featuring Singapore when the season’s actually released.

Unfortunately, though, there is no official, confirmed release date for Westworld’s third season at the moment. The trailer simply ends off with a “2020”. Regardless, we’re looking forward to what the third season has in store!

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