Overwatch turns three! To celebrate, Overwatch will once again be hosting its annual Anniversary Event from May 21 to June 10.

This year’s take on the affair aims to let players revisit the “greatest hits” of Overwatch. What this means is that updates and events from the past will be brought back and accessible, instead of there being any new content, in commemoration of three years of Overwatch.

Overwatch’s “greatest hits”?

When Blizzard says that they’re bringing back Overwatch’s greatest hits, they mean it. Seasonal brawls ranging from the Archives missions (including Storm Rising) to fan-favourite Halloween event Junkenstein’s Revenge, will all be accessible during this event period.

Photo Credits: Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment

While this might come as a bummer to those who were looking forward to new game modes, don’t sweat it! At least the anniversary event will be bringing new skins and emotes with it.

This year’s anniversary brings us six new legendary skins and three epic skins. The year’s new heroes, Baptiste, Ashe and Wrecking Ball, will be getting dance emotes as well.

Have any of the new skins been revealed?

While we’ll have to wait before the rest of the legendary skins are revealed, two have been released via Overwatch’s official Twitter! First off, we have a cool new Gargoyle skin for Winston, giving the friendly gorilla-scientist a devilish new look.

On the cute end, D.Va’s getting a school-girl themed skin! It’s not quite a look that would “break the internet” (as teased by Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch creator), but it’s a cute look anyway. We’re loving the glasses!

If you’re not that keen on these new skins, you don’t miss out, either. All previous cosmetic items will be back in the Overwatch shop as well. If you’ve missed out on previous events, or couldn’t get a skin you wanted recently, now’s your chance!

All in all, this year’s anniversary event seems promising, both in terms of content and skins. Looking forward to the event going live!

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