In another cartoon news, Netflix has announced that Disenchantment will be releasing the second half of the first Season, consisting of a batch of 10 episodes, on September 20th of this year. “Another announcement? Is this another tabloid news site?” No, you listen; We (as in I) only cover the best cartoons on TV right now. Take it as an officially-unofficial recommendation from me if I ever post news of these.

 The announcement, which was made on twitter, can be seen here:

In lieu of the disappointing (as I’ve heard) writing of HBO’s Game of Thrones season 8, this announcement couldn’t have come at a better time. Described by Matt himself as a “Game of Thrones” style kind of show, it is no doubt that the first 10 episodes really did start to get interesting at the tail end with the political intrigue going on.

The show centres around a princess and her exploits around the kingdom of Dreamland accompanied by an elf and a personal demon.

If you also like the kind of Futurama-esque humour from the writing, then doubly so! The show is chalk full of it and there is even an in-universe reference/easter-egg that suggests that both shows belong in the same universe!

Due to it being a less well-known show, I will try to avoid any kind of spoilers from the initial episodes. However, I can wholly recommend this show to anyone who likes a story that revolves around political intrigue; check it out on Netflix!

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