Ever since their debut in 2015, Monsta X have been steadily rising in popularity worldwide – from sold-out tours worldwide, to landing collaborations with the likes of world-famous DJ Steve Aoki. Monsta X are set to break new ground once again, for they are the first K-Pop group to ever appear in an animated series.

The members of Monsta X. From left to right: Hyungwon, Joohoney, Kihyun, I.M, Wonho, Shownu and Minhyuk. // Photo Credits: Starship Entertainment

Earlier today, Billboard broke the news that Monsta X would be making a surprise appearance on Cartoon Network’s hit series, “We Bare Bears”. Here’s the sypnosis for the episode:

“Panda (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) is a huge Monsta X fan, and he is in for the surprise of a lifetime thanks to his thoughtful Bear Bros. In “Panda’s Birthday”, Grizz (voiced by Eric Edelstein) and Ice Bear (voiced by Demetri Martin) mastermind a creative scheme to help Panda meet his favourite K-pop band on his birthday.”

An exclusive sneak-preview clip of the episode was uploaded alongside the episode’s sypnosis. Check it out here:

It’s clear that the creators of We Bare Bears had a blast animating this! When the members of Monsta X first appear in the clip, they do so while dancing their iconic choreography to their hit single, “Hero”. They’re also shown to do their signature greeting.

What’s more, each member has been designed so distinctively that fans of the K-Pop group can instantly recognise who is who! Just take a look at these side-by-side comparisons, compiled by a fan:

How did the collaboration come about?

About a year ago, a fan Tweeted to Daniel Chong, creator of We Bare Bears, saying that Monsta X would be a perfect fit for the series. After all, their leader, Shownu, takes after the series’ resident brown bear, Grizz. It seems as though that tweet was what got the collaboration to happen, seeing as how Daniel tweeted this out today:

Overall, it sounds like fans of the series have a cute episode to look forward to. Looking at all the attention to detail that went into animating these scenes, and seeing as how the boys from Monsta X recorded their own lines, Monbebes (i.e fans of Monsta X) can definitely look forward to this adorable collaboration too!

Fans who wish to watch the special episode can catch it live on Monday, May 27, at 7.30 p.m. ET on Cartoon Network. Regions outside of the U.S. will see the episode’s debut later in the year.

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