Adult Swim set the internet on fire today by announcing the start of Season 4 of Rick and Morty. The release date, or rather month, is set at November of 2019. After the lack of news from any of the show’s co-creators last year, it is good to see that we finally have some news of when the new season would hit.

You can watch the short trailer they posted to their YouTube channel here:

Of course, it wouldn’t be an article made by yours truly if we didn’t at least discuss the things we should be seeing in the 4th season of the show.


I felt like the third season, which premiered in 2017, didn’t really hold up to the quality portrayed in the first 2 years (controversial, I know). But you know it’s true; after the massive success of the second season which brought more people in to the show via a McDonalds sauce of all things, creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon were quick pressed to found on that success by releasing the third season as soon as possible (within one year I believe).

At the time, the writing and story simply just isn’t as clever, witty as the episodes in seasons prior to that. I felt like Season 3 had nothing standout quite much like the highs we’ve gotten from episodes such as “Rick Potion No. 9” and that Evil Morty episode from the first and second seasons respectively. Not to insinuate that it wasn’t enjoyable, but the time to rush episodes had clearly taken a toll on the creative writing aspect.

Now that the – what I would only be able to considered as Mega-Hype has died off, things are left to cook for longer, we might see a return to form for the genius scientist and dumb kid duo we like so much.

What to expect (Spoilers, obviously)

Bird Person

We last ended the season with a post-credit cliffhanger of Bird person being turned into a cyborg ala Robot Chicken style. Expect Bird person to be the central plot point of the season as I believe his character is tied to Rick’s past and backstory which should hopefully be explored more in this season (Remember, his dad was briefly mentioned by Rick himself in one S2 episode then never again).

Evil Morty

Evil Morty has always been at a forefront of mystery when we first saw him in the show; he was a dark, sadistic and at times cruel dictator to the alliances that was present in the Citadel. With him now commanding the helm of the Rick Alliance, It would be interesting to see the politics unfold as we would no doubt see him return in some form.

What happens with Rick C137 now that there isn’t an Alliance to stop inter-galactic, inter- dimensional forces from chasing all the Ricks in the multiverse? Is Evil Morty really the “Mortiest Morty”? What exactly is the current “Good” Morty? I think some of these questions will be answered.

Tammy the Double Agent

While missing for most of Season 3, she did indeed reveal herself at the end of Season 3 along with Cyborg Bird person. Since Tammy made bird person into a cyborg, no doubt we might see Tammy controlling him in some way in order to pursue Rick (he is a wanted criminal, after all).

While the organization she works for has thus not yet been revealed, expect her backstory and motive to be important in some ways as we continue the adventure for the next 100 years (The years that, of course, Rick and Morty is scheduled to run).


Nothing much to say really, you know damn well I’m excited for the next season as much as the next person (maybe perhaps more, as I’ve been following it since its inception. HA, take that, normies). Let us hope that the writing is again up the standards of the fantastic first 2 seasons.

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