As in right now.


It’s been reported that there’s a major vulnerability in the the app that represents a massive security flaw. The vulnerability’s already been exploited by a company, which has allowed them to install surveillance software on all phones using the app, whether they’re on Android or iOS.

It’s done by simply calling the user via a WhatsApp call.

That’s it.

You don’t even need to answer the call for the exploit to be used against you. Worse still, the call logs can be deleted after by the hacker, meaning you wouldn’t even know you just got hacked.

There’s no way to prevent this other than updating your WhatsApp to the newest version RIGHT NOW.

Who’s to blame for this?

The NSO Group, a shadowy intelligence organization that’s been accused of multiple shady dealings, including supplying spying tools to oppressive government regimes that are use to spy on activists and journalists.

If you’re unsure how to manually update the app, follow these instructions, depending on whether you’re on iOS or Android.

iOS: Head to the App Store and then tap “Update” next to WhatsApp. The latest update seems to be version 2.19.51, so you’re safe and secure if you’re on that iteration of the app.

Android:Head to the Play Store, tap the menu, then “Apps and games”, “Updates,” and tap “Update” next to WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can just search for WhatsApp on the store, and then hit ‘Update’ from the WhatsApp page. You should be on version 2.19.134 once you’ve updated.

Spread the news, and make sure everybody’s secured their app.

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