The aftermath of Endgame’s finale going to be felt for years but for now, all eyes are on Spider-man: Far From Home.

As the first movie to take place after Aftermath, it has the unenviable task of closing the chapter of Marvel’s latest phase and also to set up the next.

Judging from the bombshells in the trailer, it’s going to do a hell of a job.

The biggest takeaway from this?

Marvel’s admitted the existence of the Multiverse. Assuming Quentin Beck (Mysterio) is telling the truth, using the Infinity Gems tore a hole in our dimension and it’s sucking up people from other universes.

That’s a major revelation but it’s also been the direction many have assumed Marvel would take to integrate their new licenses (X-Men, the Fantastic Four and others) into the MCU fold. It’d neatly explain why the heroes and villains haven’t existed in the MCU till now.

Despite that, for now, we’re taking what Beck says with a grain of salt.

Marvel’s been known to pull the bait and switch (remember the Infinity War trailer with Hulk fighting in Wakanda?) to mess with fans speculating. This could be another one of those times.

Luckily we won’t have long to wait one way or another, as Spider-man: Far From Home releases July 2.

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