Following Microsoft’s Build 2019 press conference comes another tech conference hosted by none other than Google themselves. While Google itself doesn’t really mention the things that they are going to cover beforehand, it seems that those who have been following Google’s development might have an idea of what is to come in the show; The guys at Engadget did a great piece on the potential of the things to come so check it out!

My Predictions

While I have no doubt not been keeping up with the times on Google-related news, I do expect several hardware and software related news to come from this conference.

Google Pixel 3

I predict that some Google Pixel Phone announcement might be coming since a tech convention is just about the best place to announce these sorts of things. Expect Google to pull no punches with regards to the pricing, specifications and availability amidst the competition.

Google cloud/ Stadia Cloud-Streaming

With Microsoft announcing Azure Cloud gaming services for the Xbox as part of the hype train towards cloud gaming in their show yesterday, expect Google to do the same with their own cloud infrastructure and gaming service, Stadia.

Perhaps pricing and availability will be discussed ahead of E3, which was the one thing that Microsoft is still keeping their cards on.

Google AI/ Self-driving AI

With all the talks about AI brewing from all the major companies, I expect Google to reveal their progress on their own AI; particularly with regards to the software advancements of self-driving cars. Afterall, it is what most data and analytics that Google have been collecting are going towards.

Expect at least a few AI-related announcements to come from the show.

For those eagerly awaiting, there is just approximately 6 hours left before the start of the show at the time of writing. You can once again watch the live broadcast on YouTube much like the Build conference yesterday: