In another update by Dell executive Frank Azor, he has confirmed that the next generation of the Dell XPS line-up will not feature the 1660ti GPU as initially thought. Although it was implied by their own press release as we reported from before, a tweet sent out on April 27th in a response to another twitter user has revealed that it won’t be the case.

This is not too shocking considering Dell hasn’t announced any changes to the chassis that will allow it to dissipate a higher TDP part like the 1660ti. He has confirmed that the refresh will still contain the 1650 Turing GPU, however; a slightly faster solution compared to the 1050 Max-Q we’ve seen previously from Dell within the XPS chassis.

In related news, we have an interview from The Verge with Frank Azor and he has confirmed that position of the webcam will be shifted back upwards to where it belongs originally; making the same change that they did with the XPS 13 9380 by sourcing for a smaller form-factor webcam.

“Even better: the new XPS 15 will also finally get the proper webcam design fix that we saw pop up on the refreshed XPS 13 from earlier this year, Dell XPS (and Alienware) boss Frank Azor tells The Verge. That means the webcam is no longer positioned beneath the Dell logo at the bottom of the screen”

The Verge interview

The previous placement had an issue of the webcam being to close to the bottom of the screen, resulting in the camera staring up people’s noses (hence the term). The camera would also be blocked by your own fingers if you were trying to type on the keyboard while using the camera. Overall, it is good to hear that Dell is addressing these concerns and confirming with the public that they are already working on the fix for the next refresh on the device.

It has also been revealed through the interview that the XPS 15 refresh is going to be released in June this year so consumers will not have to wait for long for these Quality of Life changes to be released.

Via Notebookcheck & TheVerge

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