It started a couple of months ago, when the very first teaser poster for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie dropped.

The very first ominous image we got of Sonic.

You would think that with a visual like that, the internet would be prepared for how Sonic would end up looking. Unfortunately, it’s clear that we weren’t, judging from the reactions to the movie’s first trailer that dropped yesterday. Check it out here:

The Internet’s Reaction

As one might guess, general reactions to this movie were those of fear and disappointment. I honestly agree – mainly because, well, Sonic looks more human than hedgehog, and he has teeth.

Case in point.

Most people have taken to making fun of this live-action take on the speedster, in more ways than one.

For starters, the new Sonic movie being a live-action adaptation of a well-loved character can only mean one thing: comparisons to Detective Pikachu, which will be coming to theatres this month.

That, and what’s the internet without using memes to cope with anything unpleasant or unsatisfactory?

Some have compared live-action Sonic’s design side by side against the 2D design used in other Sonic media.

Some have even taken matters into their own hands, and edited the live-action design in their own style!

One fan even left their redesigned version of Sonic under Jim Carrey’s tweet about the movie!

How is Jim Carrey involved in all this? Well, he’s taking on the role of Sonic’s nemesis – Dr. Robotnik, or “Eggman”. While reactions to Sonic have not been all that great, there are fans who are looking forward to Carrey’s take on Robotnik. It’s an irony, considering how the film’s villain is being more anticipated than the film’s protagonist.

It is unlikely that older fans of the Blue Blur will enjoy this movie, based on his design alone. Nevertheless, it promises to be an action-filled treat for younger audiences.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie is slated to be released in theatres in November 2019.

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