WD is set to release a high-capacity drive from their “Blue” series line-up soon as a retailer has been spotted listing out some of the expected pricing and details of the as of yet unannounced drive. This makes it one of the highest capacity drive we’ve seen so far from any manufacturer.

Spotted by Anandtech on the Geizhals.at price engine, it has a listed price of $555 to $575 Euros ( eq. $836 to $877 SGD ) which is quite a sum to pay. Still, at a per-Gb cost around the range of USD $0.15/Gb after conversion, it is on the cheap side all things considered; your typical price range of a SATA SSD is already at about $0.20/Gb anyway.

Still built using the 64-layer TLC technology and controller as its smaller capacity siblings, it is a wonder to me why WD hasn’t offered this capacity any sooner if there were no technical limitations of doing so; given that most consumer Hard Disks hover at this capacity, it would be great for moving large capacity backups to the faster SSD format for better read/write access speeds.

Nonetheless, expect larger capacity drives to be more common the market in the near future as we approach a cost decrease of manufacturing higher layered 3D NAND from all the flash manufacturers.

Via Anandtech

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