Remember the time when games were announced just shortly before the release date of said game? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Developers Gears for Breakfast has recently announced a new mini-expansion to their game, A Hat in Time, a definitely-not-clone version of the Super Mario World series of games.

You can check out their announcement trailer here:

This mini expansion will include a new area for players to explore; a neon-induced, Japanese metro inspired area called Nyakuza Metro. Expect to see tons and tons of cat pun here. There will be, of course, new stickers and costumes for Hat Kid to collect and it also features a new weapon, the Baseball Bat for her to use.

Also, it seems like some form of online play is included in the expansion that allows you to play with up to 50 friends (or up to 3 strangers) in one instance that will also some with its own minigames and (presumably) challenges.

This expansion will hop, skip and puzzle-platform its way to Steam come May 11.

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