Only one (1) day left till the release of Avengers: Endgame! HYPE. With tickets booked (hopefully) and earlier movies rewatched, perhaps now you’re thinking about what to snack on during your movie.

If you’re a big fan of Marvel memorabilia, then you’re in luck! Just about every cinema chain in Singapore has at least one Endgame-themed snack combo for sale. While that’s a pain to search up one by one, worry not! Here’s a compilation of all available Marvel-related movie collectibles, listed out according to the cinemas selling them.

Golden Village

GV’s Endgame-themed items are collectible cups, with cup toppers featuring certain characters from the MCU – War Machine, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Thanos, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Black Widow.

Photo Credits: Golden Village

These collectible cups come free with every movie combo you purchase, starting at $14.00 each.

Cathay Cineplexes

Much like GV’s, Cathay’s Endgame items are also collectible cups, though they’re more character based (as can be seen from their promotional image below).

Photo Credits: Cathay Cineplexes

There are fewer heroes available as compared to GV (only Iron Man, Captain America, and Thanos), though these cups seem more unique, and can be “unmasked”. Prices are as shown in the poster!

Shaw Theatres

Shaw Theatres seem to have collectible cups of their own as well! These cups have images of the respective Marvel movie’s poster, as well as the silhouette of the main hero of the movie on the other side.

Photo Credits: Shaw Theatres

That’s not the only combo that Shaw has. Shaw has collectible popcorn tubs as well! Though there’s only designs based on Iron Man, Thanos, Captain America, and Captain Marvel available, it’s the first we’re seeing of popcorn tubs amongst these collectibles.

Photo Credits: Shaw Theatres

Note: We’re not all too sure if you can buy Shaw’s Endgame-themed popcorn tub and drink cups together. Though we think it’s unlikely that you can, there’s no harm in trying your luck and asking if you’re planning on purchasing one.

Filmgarde Cineplexes

Last but not least, there’s Filmgarde Cineplexes with – you guessed it – more collectible cups. The general designs of these cups seem to be the same, though these ones have cup toppers that contain magnetic discs.

Photo Credits: Filmgarde Cineplexes

A fair bit cheaper than the combos mentioned above, Iron Man, Captain America, Thanos and The Hulk designs are available for the cup toppers.

If you’re planning on securing one of these snack combos, act fast! Pre-order them online on the respective cinemas’ websites while you can, or brace yourself for imminent, lengthy queues.

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