We here at The Technovore are hardcore horror fans. From the Blair Witch Project to The Thing, if it’s scary, we love it.

Hell, we even love The Conjuring films (and its extended universe flicks). Despite what critics thought, The Nun was actually one of our favourite horror movies last year! That’s why we’re REALLY looking forward to this month’s Curse of La Llorona (aka Curse of the Weeping Woman).

Now that we’ve seen the new Annabelle Comes Home trailer though, we’re also excited for it!

Sure, the film may suck in the end but it does REALLY look like a creepy good time. We’re a bit meh on the jump scares (we prefer horror that doesn’t need to rely on that to get your heart rate up) but the spooks and creepy atmosphere is definitely getting our interest.

Annabelle Comes Home on June 28, so better mark your calendars and get ready for some spooky chills and scares.

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