We admit it readily, we aren’t awesome photographers. Hell, we probably wouldn’t even make it past the qualifiers in Huawei’s NEXT-IMAGE Awards contest.

You might! Especially if you take better photos than us.

Huawei’s opening up this year’s NEXT-IMAGE Awards contest and are actively looking for entrants to the smartphone photography contest.

It’s a huge global affair (over 550,000 entries from over 130 countries have taken part) which returns for its third year in 2019.

Entrants will be in one of six categories. Here’s Huawei’s official breakdown of them.

The 2019 HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards are broken down into six categories: ‘#Emotion Tag’, ‘Hello, Life!’, ‘Faces’, ‘Going the Distance’, ‘Life Now’ and ‘Storyboard’. While three of the categories from 2018 remain, there are three new ones which will add an extra dimension to the Awards this year. They are ‘#Emotion Tag’ which is about expressing
instant emotions by means of smartphone photography; ‘Going the Distance’ which is about discovering new places and new experiences by using new features found in a phone camera, especially zoom features; and ‘Life Now’ which is about filming a story in less than 30 seconds.

Huawei Press Release.

With tons of prizes to be won (including Huawei’s recent P30 Pro smartphone), it’s certainly a very enticing contest to enter.

The Grand Prize winner stands to walk away with $20,000, with $6,000 going to category winners and tons of Huawei P30 Pro phones being given to the winners. The Grand Prize and Category winners also get a free trip to Paris to attend the NEXT-IMAGE awards ceremony!

In Singapore, Huawei’s sweetening the pot even further. If you enter and submit your photos before May 31 2019, you’ll stand a chance to be invited to attend a private mobile photography workshop with celebrity photography Russel Wong in June 2019.

It’s not a shoo-in you’ll get to go but hey, a chance is still better than none, right?

You can enter the contest at this link, but you’re going to have to wait a while until the site is fully live. It’s up, but the links don’t take you to where they should. We figure Huawei’s on it, so just check back in later.

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