Samsung has introduced to us a new way to use your TV. As an art piece. ‘The Frame’ from Samsung does exactly just that. Partnered with major players in the art industry the likes of tate and other art galleries, the frame aims to turn your living room (or wherever you choose to put your TV) into something more stylish and elegant, posh some may say.

With the rise of high-resolution TVs, the physical size of the TV has been increasing as well. Due to their size, TVs are now the centrepiece object in the rooms you put them in; So instead of staring at a giant black wall of nothingness, Samsung has cleverly turned them into something that can be fit more thematically with older era furniture or home décor.

In essence, The Frame is a custom bezel for your TV that mimics the tarp canvas and frames of differing materials that you would usually see encompassing framed artworks. Using the Samsung Art Store app, users will be able to choose the kind of artwork on display or even select from your own personal photos by sending it through wifi.

Samsung shows off ‘The Wall’

Pictured: The Wall, not an actual wall, mind you.

Samsung has also shown off ‘The Wall’ that was first debuted in this year’s CES that looks amazing in-person. While no photo will do it justice, I find that for the first time, the technology behind the display is actually more interesting and important than the quality of the display itself.

With their microLED technology, users can now buy The Wall that has the same concept of those extremely large external displays; namely blocks or pieces of display that project a cohesive image across its surface when plugged in.

Modular technology is always great to see because it is the most extensively customizable option for the consumer. Want to make your TV the shape of an L-piece from tetris? Go for it! Need a very specific dimension to fit a TV into a particular place? No problem! As with other new technologies, I have no doubt that its going to be out of reach for most people but it’s a first step towards bringing something that is more practical than it seems to the consumer market.

Samsung has not explicitly stated any release date for this except for the very vague “This year” timeline so don’t expect this to come out anytime soon.


I feel like both innovations stem from the ideal that technology should be customized to fit your needs; a real untapped market for those that can shell out the money to afford it. While they seem to only be targeting only the high-end market at the moment (with only 43”/49”/55”/65”/ models available in the case of The Frame), there is no reason why Samsung couldn’t bring this to a more affordable category for mainstream consumers so expect to see either a shrunk down version being introduced in the near future.

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