It’s been rumored to be coming but now it’s finally official; Huawei’s P30 line of smartphones are launching VERY soon.

There’ll be two variants of the P30 at launch, the basic model (P30) and the enhanced model (P30 Pro). Huawei’s touting the phones as the company’s most advanced camera smartphones, in the same league as professional cameras.

They’re saying that their SuperSpectrum Sensor, coupled with their extreme optical SuperZoom lens, a new Time of Flight camera, better OIS and AIS image stabilization tech puts them on par with cameras professionals use.

Bold claims indeed but from what we’ve seen at a recent Huawei press event, they’re not just blowing smoke. The cameras DO produce some really good images.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

The Huawei P30 series is set to go on sale from April 6 (Saturday) at an MSRP of SGD$998 (P30) and $1,398 (P30 Pro).

If you’re keen, you might want to mosey on down to VivoCiy over the weekend as the company’s holding a roadshow at Central Court Level 1, from 10AM to 10PM. Purchasing either phone there entitles you to nab a free premium gift set worth up to SGD$470.

We’re not sure what’s in the gift set, since Huawei’s press release is mum on that. If we had to guess, probably essentials like screen protectors and cases.

Huawei will also be offering an exclusive version of the Huawei P30 Pro online, at their official store on Lazada. This variant comes with 512GB storage, though availability will be limited.

Here’s a handy cheat sheet to keep track of what’s coming where and when.

DeviceStorage and RamColorsMSRP – SGD$Release Date
Huawei P30128GB + 8GBBreathing Crystal
Aurora Black
$998April 6
Huawei P30 Pro256GB + 8GBBreathing Crystal
Aurora Black
$1,398April 6
Huawei P30 Pro (Lazada Exclusive)512GB + 8GBAurora$1,698April 6 (Lazada only)

We’ll be looking to secure review units so stay tuned to see if the phones really are as good as Huawei claims they are.

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