Because Samsung is a rather large company, they do make home appliances as well; even if they are not the hottest and most interesting thing to cover.  But hey, Samsung showed it on the show floor and we may review these! So, let’s get to it.

Consumers can usually expect a generation-to-generation improvement in power efficiency, durability and performance.

Vacuum Cleaners

Pictured: Powerstick Jet200

I’ve always been impressed with the number of accessories that you can pack into a product. Like the days of equipping your Gameboy with a crap ton of accessories and shouting “This isn’t my final form!”, the new Powerstick Jet 200 from Samsung harkens back to not only the old days of yore, but also to the swiss army knife philosophy of “every tool for the job”.

It comes with accessories for most practical applications of sticking and cleaning surfaces that differ in material and hard to reach areas. While I do not claim to be a guru of appliances, a 60-minute runtime that can be extended on a per battery pack basis seems quite solid to me.

Washing Machines

Pictured: The WW7800M

Samsung also showcased their new front loader QuickDrive washing machine, featuring their namesake technology that claims to dramatically cut the time it takes to do a load of laundry by half and energy use by 20% by rotating the inner-most part of the drum in an anti-clockwise fashion.

The washing machine was also put through its paces with 150 durability and functionality tests that ensures that Indiana Jones can survive yet another explosion within one of these common household appliances:

“The array of tests includes a “heat test” which evaluates the components’ abilities to withstand the extreme temperatures and a “slam test”, which repeatedly slams the door 20,000 times to ensure it can withstand frequent usage”

Samsung Press Release

In an effort to create skyne- a better experience for the user, this washing machine also comes with IoT features such as a Laundry Planner that schedules laundry cycles, a Laundry Recipe that recommends the wash cycle settings based on certain user inputs and a HomeCare Wizard that summons a wizard to take care of you provides quick troubleshooting support.


As mentioned previously in our introductory article, these Fridges are also capable of providing additional features pertaining to food management & storage. In addition to Family Board, there is also a Meal Planner app that helps users create recipes based on food preferences, dietary needs and items that are already in the fridge.

These fridges come with a new compartment called “The Flex Zone” that allows users to set custom temperatures that would best suit their needs according to what they put in it. Some models also come with a “quick chill” feature that can be used to rapidly chill beverages and other products.


In Samsung’s strategy to IoT-it-up with appliances, I would expect that most, if not all of their appliances being connected to Wifi for additional functionality in the near future with their SmartThings methodology.

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