You might have heard about Google. It’s a small, unassuming company that’s just announced it’s bringing its own gaming platform to the gaming industry.

It’s Stadia, and it is supposed to be playable on pretty much anything out right now. Tablets, smartphones, PCs…hell, even smart TVs and browsers. Google’s betting it all on their streaming architecture and hardware, which is housed in 200 different countries all over the globe, to deliver a seamless and relatively lag free gaming experience.

The games that run on Stadia will reportedly be 4K at 60 frames per second. Google’s hardware is supposedly powerful enough that it will deliver 8K gaming and framerates up to 120 frames per second as the service evolves over time.

The main draw for Stadia is obviously the lack of specific hardware that you’ll need to play games.

If anything can run its games, gaming’s hardware entry bar is pretty much eliminated. You won’t need a specialized piece of tech to play the latest and greatest games anymore.

The only hardware element of Stadia that a consumer may want to get? The controller.

Now where have we seen these before?

There’s no pricing on these, but they’re completely optional, though if Google’s promises are to be believed, they should deliver even less input lag than normal controllers since they’re synced to the data centers.

There are still a ton of unannounced details about Stadia that Google’s not revealed yet.

How much will games be? What games are coming? When will it launch? Is it a service or a free to play app?Most of the important bits are still fuzzy or unrevealed altogether.

We’re hoping more info’s to be revealed in the upcoming days and weeks, especially since E3 is just a couple of months away. Till then, keep checking our site for the latest!

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