One Punch Man (which is on Netflix) was an awesome anime. Hell, I just watched a couple of episodes a few days ago just for kicks. Saitama’s damn awesome, both as a character and a plot device.

Plus, the theme song is just freaking awesome!

Anyways, it’s taken years (literally) but Season 2 is almost upon us. To celebrate, we now get a trailer for it! Go ahead and have a look see.


Yeah…it’s weirdly unimpressive, isn’t it? Where’s all the one punching? Why’s everybody so static? Where are the cool moments? Why does Genos look so ugly in this one?

We’re going to reserve final judgement till we watch the anime next month, so we’re not going to get too hung up upon the trailer hitches. Hopefully, it’ll all turn out great and Season 2 of One Punch Man is even better than the first!

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