We don’t need to say why Amazon Prime is a great offer. Seriously, the perks it offers outweighs the monthly (or yearly) subscription fee.

Did you know that an Amazon Prime subscription also gives you access to Twitch Prime, which in turn gives you exclusive FREE DLC that’s not available anywhere else?

Not just random DLC from unknown games too; this month’s offering is for Apex Legends, arguably the hottest battle royale game out right now.

So what do you get?

Not a bad haul eh?

Pathfinder’s Legendary Omega Point skin is exclusive to the bundle, plus you also get 5 Apex packs free. Depending on your luck, you might get even more Legendary items just by being an Amazon Prime member.

All you’ll need to do is to link your accounts here, then log back into the game on your platform of choice and get your rewards!

Incidentally, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, there’s a free trial that you might want to take advantage of, especially if you want the skin!

Have fun!

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