Destined to beat Destiny?

It’s been a long time coming but EA’s Anthem is finally approaching release. Tonight, at 11PM SGT, PC and Xbox One users who are part of EA Access will finally get their chance to don the suits and explore the world of Anthem.

If you’re an EA Access or Origin Access member, you can get it on the Xbox One or PC right now for 10% off, which applies to both the normal edition and the Legion of Dawn Edition. All you need to do is visit your platform of choice’s respective stores; Origin for PC and the Xbox Marketplace for Xbox One gamers.

EA and Origin Access members also get a free 10-hour trial of the full game, though they’ll need to front up the cash if they want to play after that. Origin Access Premiere members (PC Only), on the other hand, get the full game for free for subscribing to EA’s service. There’s no version of Premier for EA Access on the Xbox One though, so console gamers either have to pony up the cash for the Legion of Dawn Edition (which lets you play the full game a week early), or just wait if they’ve pre-ordered the regular edition.

Anthem’s release tonight will be followed by it’s ‘official’ launch on 22 Feb 2019 for the rest of the gaming masses. It’ll be out for nearly every platform under the sun (except for the Nintendo ones) like the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

We’ll have a more in-depth look at the game in the coming days, including a review of whether it really is worth the money.

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