Logitech recently announced the release of their Pro X series, we finally got our hands on the Pro X TKL Lightspeed Gaming Keyboard! Just in time for the launch of Counter Strike 2, lets dive in to see how it fares.

What is the Pro X TKL Lightspeed Gaming Keyboard?

The Logitech Pro X TKL Lightspeed Gaming Keyboard is a wireless compact professional gaming keyboard that comes with LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting and a impeccable 1ms response rate. GX brown Tactile and programmable keys with dedicated game mode, lock functions, media controls and volume roller for fuss free fast action controls.

Ten keyless (TKL) also means that it will be much more compact than regular keyboards allowing more desk real estate for your mouse work, especially during competitions.

The Logitech Pro X TKL Lightspeed Gaming keyboard comes with its own dedicated carrying case to protect your keyboard during transit and wow your competitors with its sleekness.

The Pro X TKL Lightspeed Gaming Keyboard is available in black, pink, and white color and can be purchased from Logitech’s website for SGD319.00.

Aesthetics and Layout.

My first impression of the Pro X TKL Lightspeed was the weight, even before I held onto the real thing I knew I am going to enjoy it. The keyboard with the carrying case weighs a whopping two kilograms! Enough for a good workout if you can’t find your dumbbell. The carrying case itself looks like one that would store a firearm, made out of woven fabric and a padded interior, it screams richness by the look and feel of its design.

The keyboard itself weights one kilogram, I like my keyboard to be heavy duty and sturdy. The last thing I need was my keyboard to shift its place while in the midst of the heat of battle. The frame of the keyboard is made out of composite which explained the weight. A stainless steel border frames the keys which gives it s shimmer to it with the black frame. The keys are made of PBT, I would have liked the keycaps to be stiffer too but some would have thought it to be too heavy and affect the response time.

At 34mm x 352mm x 150mm the Pro X TKL Lightspeed is roughly 40% smaller than most keyboards. Do not let the compact frame fool you as it comes with a myriad of function keys. Situated at the top row is the media keys which consists of the game mode, sound modes and volume roller on the top right corner which is highly responsive.

The keys themselves are pretty elevated and seemed to be floating on the keyboard, while it is nice to see the RGB lightings below the keycaps the floating keycaps means that the media keys at the top row are hidden from sight unless you are seated up straight.

The Pro X TKL comes with two levels of elevations at eight degrees and four degrees. I personally prefer a higher elevated keyboard, to me eight degrees is great especially when the keycaps of the Logitech Pro X TKL are so high. It will be quite straining to use it on a flat surface with no wrist pad. For those who don’t like elevations at all, you can always close both stands and let the keyboard rest flat on the table.


Response time is critical in competitive gaming and every millisecond counts, the Pro X TKL has a 1MS report rate which is crucial for speed and precision. The dual-shot PBT keycaps also offer great durability and grip. The only concern I had was that the keycaps were slightly wriggly probably due to the floating effect which enhances the RGB lighting.

The PBT key caps on the GX Brown tactile are slightly elevated and looks like they are floating on the keyboard frame. RGB customisable lighting under and through the lettering and numbers of each key caps . The RGB lighting looks gorgeous on the black frame, especially when you turn on the color wave rainbow mode.

The tactile response was great with a right amount of counter pressure and response as a feedback to my action.

Activating the game mode via the dedicated key would deactivate all non important keys that were preselected to avoid misfiring saving you precious time in game.

The Logitech Pro X TKL comes with a wireless Lightspeed USB adapter that boast of low latency and even higher performance rate to wired connections. Wireless also meant that you won’t be affected by any cable connections allowing a wider space for gameplay. Battery life for the Pro X TKL is around 50 hours which you will be able to charge using the USB cable.

The media keys was great but I would love to have them bigger in size as they were blocked by the floating keycaps. The roller which controls the volume was extremely helpful and responsive and I find that the size and location of it was just nice.

Software support.

Logitech G Hub application is a must to unleash the full potential of the Pro X TKL keyboard. You will be able to control the RGB lighting via the LIGHTSYNC option. There are a couple of preset options or you can even freestyle and assign the Color’s to each and every individual keycaps to your liking. My favourite is the color wave with rainbow lighting which contrast well with the black frame. The high keycap allows the lights to shine through nicely, although i set the brightness to 100% I do feel that it can be brighter for a better effect.

Assignment of the keys commands, macros and can only be done though the G Hub application. There are quite a wide range of customisation through the commands and keys assignments. Secondary functions can also be added to the keys via the G shift function which essentially enables 24 assignment keys.

Game mode customisation can be done through the G Hub too, basically you select the keys that you would like to deactivate during game play. You can have different custom key mappings based on the profile that you signed in to and to activate them during gameplay is just a press of the game mode button on the top left.

The G Hub also monitors the power consumption, power level, firmware version and lighting information. But usually you just need to set it once and you need to visit the G Hub unless you require to change the lighting design or setup a profile for a new game.

The Bottom Line.

The Logitech Pro X TKL Gaming keyboard exudes richness in it, not just the price but as an overall package. Befitting for a professional E-Sports gamer, the Logitech Pro X TKL has the look, feel, game mode functions and most importantly faster than wired lightspeed wireless technology.

In every competition, speed is key and every millisecond counts. If you are an aspiring competitive E-Sports gamer with a deep pocket, the Logitech Pro X TKL is something worth to have in your arsenal.

Although there are some minor suggestions on the size of the media keys and brightness of the RGB lighting which I hope Logitech would improve on. The Logitech Pro X TKL proves to be a fine contender for best gaming keyboard!


Professional low latency wireless keyboard at a cost.

The Good.

  • Lightspeed wireless.
  • Game mode function and customisation.
  • Hard carry case.
  • Optimal weight and size.

The Bad.

  • Expensive.
  • Media key position.
  • Dim RGB lighting.

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