Love music on the go but hate the discomfort that in-ear earbuds gives you after awhile? Fret not! Cleer provided us with their latest open-ear true wireless earbuds to review. Let’s dive in to see how it fares!

What is Cleer ARC?

Cleer ARC is an open-ear true wireless earbud that features an ear-hook with a hinged earbud design. The earbud sits comfortably directly outside your ear canal which allows spatial awareness and comfort.

Powered by 16.2mm neodymium drivers which beam audio directly into your ear, you will be able to enjoy the rich and dynamic audio quality without sacrificing on comfort.

Priced at SGD 239, the Cleer ARC is available in Obsidian blue or light grey and can be purchased at Cleer’s e-store or major online and offline retailers.


Weight14.5g (per earbud), 96.5g (Case with both earbuds)
Driver16.2mm Neodymium Dynamic Driver
Frequency20-20,000 Hz
MicrophonecVc 2-mic Beamforming
ConnectivityBluetooth Ver 5.0
Audio FormatMP3,SBC,aptX
Battery7hrs, USB-A integrated Carry Case, Fast charge (10 mins charge = 1hr usage)
Software SupportCleer+ App

Design and Aesthetics.

Cleer ARC comes with a compact carry case that doubles up as a charging dock, measuring 13cm x 8cm x 2.5cm the carry case will fit in most bags and even your pants pocket nicely.

The charging wire though is only 25cm long, which is not the most helpful if you don’t have a USB dock right next to you. AND that’s the only way you can charge the earbuds, so it is something I hope Cleer could improve.

The earbuds themselves are solid and have a premium feel. Weighing at 14.5g each, the earbuds are in my opinion a good balance and sits nicely on the tip of your ear.

When I first wore them, I felt it was quite light and the earbuds might fall off. But that was not the case, I tried wearing them and did jumping jacks while playing to the tunes of Linkin Park. The earbuds played beautifully and there wasn’t any need to adjust them. The only thing is the connectivity range is around 12 feet, so you won’t be able to leave the phone charging while making lunch in the kitchen.

It is comfortable to wear due to the rubberized arm and the most important feature the hinged earbud. The hinge itself is able to extend to around 45 degrees and has a semi hard spring to it which allows the earbud to clamp onto your outer ear.

There are two contact points which are the arm that sits on the ear-tip and the earbuds that clamps onto your outer ear. If any one point fails then the earbud would be either too tight or too loose rendering it useless. The Cleer Arc clearly did well here and it was an absolute delight to use it throughout the day.

After a while, I got used to them and was wearing them throughout the day. The good thing about open-ear earbuds is your ear canals won’t feel pain and you can hear your surroundings clearly.


The Cleer ARC is an open-ear true wireless earbuds, therefore performance wise I will expect some trade-off for spatial awareness. But with a larger 6.2mm Neodymium dynamic driver, I was in for a treat!

The first impression that Cleer ARC gave me was how spacious the sound experience are, it almost felt like I was in a theater listening with them. But due to it being open-eared, I had to play the music most of the time at 80% volume.

“Can’t Stand The Rain” by The Rescues is my go to song for testing headphones, there was good and clear sound separation between the vocals and instruments. However when I tried to push the volume up, the bass tend to be slightly muddled. The same can be said for “Explosions in The Sky” by Wilderness, the tunes are in sync and there is a good balance in the music.

Emotions by Mariah Carey was rather enjoyable, the vocals and beats were sharp and crisp who made me forget that I am not using ANC. Good depth and there was harmony overall.

Ever seen Infernal Affairs, the scene when Andy Lau and Tony Leung were testing the tube amplifiers with the song “The Forgotten Time” by Tsai Chin. I was able to feel the vocals tremble and seemingly float toward me for the opening of the acappella portion.

I tested the mic and call feature while jogging around ECP, and the sound received at my end was clear and sharp. However, my counterpart did feedback that he could hear the wind blowing through the mic.

Earbuds Control and Cleer+ App.

Music Play/PauseSingle Tap Left or Right
Music Next track/Call pickup/hang upDouble Tap Left or Right
Music Previous trackTriple Tap Left or Right
Volume adjust upDouble tap Right and hold
Volume adjust downDouble tap Left and hold
Auto Pair (Restore Factory Settings)Hold Left or Right for 10 seconds

Cleer ARC also comes with a simple app for pairing, changing of tap functions and equalizer. It is fairly basic and expected for a earbud of this pricing.

The Bottom Line.

The Cleer ARC is in my opinion a good change from those in-ear earbuds. It is comfortable to use for long periods and versatile for different functions. The large Neodymium dynamic driver offers great audio enjoyments while allowing users to have spatial awareness.


Great open ear true wireless earbuds with quality audio experience.

The Good.

  • Comfort and Design.
  • Spatial awareness with quality audio.
  • Compact carrying case.

The Bad.

  • Charging wire too short.
  • No backup battery in charging case.

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