These past few days, I’ve been playing Overwatch 2 as soon as I have some downtime. Not because I love it (I’m actually kind of meh about it to be honest) but because I need that sweet sweet Genji skin that’s unlocked at Level 80 of the Battle Pass.

The last damn level.

In 10 days of playing about 3 – 4 hours daily, I’ve only gotten to level 37 of the Premium Battle Pass.

It’s not even half way through. I’ve found the grind a slog to be honest. There aren’t enough Daily or Weekly Challenges to give you a constant boost of XP, which means I’ve resorted to playing the scum of Overwatch modes to get the XP flowing quick; Unranked Quick Play.

As anybody can tell you, Unranked Quick Play is filled with asshats who leave as soon as the team is losing, troll by feeding the other team and basically make the game a living hell for those trying to play the game as it’s meant to be played.

Since it’s Unranked, there’s really no penalty for them to being assholes.

I’ve reported countless jerks, yet I still see those very same players in the next few games. Blizzard doesn’t do a damn thing to them. They didn’t when Overwatch was a pay to play game, and I doubt that they’ll be doing anything to toxic players now that it’s free to play.

I’m not here to talk about them though, I’m here to bitch about the damn Battle Pass.

I bought the Premium version and I still feel cheated. Overwatch’s Loot Boxes came with a slew of rewards per box, now you only get ONE reward per level. It’s worse if you’re on the free version of the Battle Pass, as you only get certain rewards at certain levels instead of everything.

You might think that it’s understandable but considering Blizzard has been working on Overwatch 2 for years (and have barely anything new to show for it), why the hell weren’t they just devoting some dudes to do nothing but create skins, emotes, sprays and whatnot as unlockable rewards?

Hell, even if they output about 2 or 3 items per day, we’d have thousands (tens of thousands possibly) of items created between the time Overwatch 2 was announced and released.

Yet, we get this nonsense where it’s just mostly 1 item per Battle Pass level. There are a few levels where you get 2 or more rewards but you can count those on 1 hand.

What’s the damn deal?

Ever since Jeff Kaplan left the Overwatch team (and Blizzard), it’s been one cockup after another.

It’s a damn sorry state to see Overwatch in to be honest. Remember, at its height, Overwatch was a multimedia juggernaut; comics, artbooks, LEGO sets…even porn parodies!

Now it’s barely a shadow of its former glory.

Blizzard better get their butts in gear before its too late to save the series. Bring back Jeff Kaplan!

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