It has been 2 months since Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS) and during TGS we had the opportunity to try the brand new Street Fighter 6 from Capcom!

What is Street Fighter 6?

Powered by Capcom’s proprietary RE ENGINE, the brand new Street Fighter 6 will feature three different game modes featuring World Tour, Fighting Ground and Battle Hub. Street Fighter 6 will also introduce a brand new Drive Gauge mechanism that will allows users to utilize five different Drive system moves: Drive Impact, Drive Parry, Overdrive, Drive Rush and Drive Reversal. To make things easier for users new and old, Street Fighter 6 also introduces a new Modern Control Type which

The game includes innovative Real Time Commentary feature, a brand new Drive System for your battle creativity, a variety of game modes and an introduction to a new control mode so that players won’t be required to memorise the moves to execute it.

First impression

It gave me the goosebumps when I tried Street Fighter 6 for the first time, in fact it was the first time that I had played Street Fighter since secondary school! Memories start to pour in of the days I spent on my SEGA 32-Bit or in the arcade playing Street Fighter or King Of Fighter.

TGS gave us the opportunity to try out 6 characters, of which I only recognises Ryu, Chun Li and Guile. While there are characters that are new to me, Luke, Jaime and Kimberly.

Street Fighter 6 still retains the fighting concept of 1 vs 1 on a 2dimensional plane whereby the character can only move front or back. One thing I immediately notice was how easy it was to use the controls, being someone who was starved off this genre of game for more than 15 years. I was able to win my EIC Sal, which was no easy feat, I would say it was due to the new control modes.

Game Mode.

Street Fighter 6 consist of 3 kinds of play mode, Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub.

Fighting Ground is the bread and butter of Street Fighter, all of the modes found in Street Fighter V can now be found in Fighting Ground.

World Tour is a single player mode where you will be able to start the game as yourself. Start by customising your very own avatar and you will be launched into Metro City where you will get to roam the world and battle opponents on the streets. Meet and battle legendary fighters and even learn from them to craft your unique battle style.

The Battle Hub is where things get interesting, it is a hub where up to 100 players can meet up, sign up for events and challenge each other. Players will get to use their customised avatar from World Tour in the Battle Hub to communicate with other players and even challenge them to fights. If you are not in for a fight, there is the Game Center in the Battle Hub where players can enjoy some of Capcom’s class games.


I was able to choose between Modern, Classic or the Dynamic mode. I was actually able to release a combo at the touch of a button. While my EIC was using a Joystick while I’m using a PS5 controller, he did mentioned that it’s way harder for him (I doubt it).

I mostly used the Dynamic mode whereby, by holding the auto-attack button, my character will perform a series of combos depending on how close the opponent is.

The Modern mode is like a 1 touch super move, where you can shoot a “Hadoken” with just a touch of the button.

While most seasoned players will stick to the Classic mode, I still feel it is fun to have everyone over to play on a more level playing ground with these game modes.

Drive System.

Street Fighter 6 introduces a new gameplay called Drive System. Each player will start with a full Drive Gauge that you can use to dish out 6 different moves from the Drive System.

Drive Impact: A powerful strike that can absorb an opponent’s incoming attack, when performed this on an opponent backed into the corner. It will induce a wall splat, even if they block the attack.

Drive Parry: Automatically repel an opponent’s attack and replenish Drive when performed successfully. I can be performed by parrying just before an opponent’s attack hits you.

Overdrive: Press two of the same button type instead of one when performing a special move to turn it into an Overdrive Art. These are the same attacks as EX Special Moves in past games.

Drive Rush: Perform a quick rush forward from a Drive Parry or a cancelable normal attack. The Drive Rush from a parry costs 1 Drive Stock, while Drive Rush from a normal attack costs 3 Drive Stocks.

Drive Reversal: Perform a counterattack while blocking an opponent’s attack. While the damage is low, it can help you out of tight situations when you’re being pressured.

When you used up all the Drive gauge, it is called burnout which you won’t be able to use any of the Drive moves. But don’t worry, you will be able to replenish them when you attack. Did I mention how colorful the Drive System moves are? Once activated, it will be like “Splatoon” where loud neon lines and splats will follow the characters every move enhancing the visual effect of the fight.


Street Fighter 6 packs a lot of punch and nostalgia for me. On one end it retains the basic element that I love and miss while harnessing the open world concept and connecting fighters from all over to compete against each other. Although no specific dates were given, Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023.

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