Logitech recently announced the release of the POP KEYS series of keyboard and mouse. Aimed at the trendy generation who defies the logic of old conventions. Defining in their own terms in work life balance. The POP KEYS series is meant to bring out the personality of the individual in any setting, where ever, when ever .

What is the Logitech POP KEYS.

The Logitech POP KEYS keyboard is a new range of wireless mechanical keyboard with customizable emoji keys. The keyboard comes in 3 different variants, Heartbreaker, Daydream and Blast. Each comes in a loud and bright color that POPs with personality. The POP KEYS keyboards retails for SGD 169 and is now available on Logitech’s website and major retailers .


The POP KEYS’s main feature is in it’s looks. No matter where you bring the keyboard, it Will turn heads. It does not only works as a keyboard, but as part of a statement piece of your overall style.

Made out of recycled plastic, the keyboard is lightweight weighing only 779g with 2AAA batteries included and compact at 138mm x 321mm x 35mm. Even though it was built to POP in your face, It is actually very durable in terms of looks. The keys are rounded rather than the conventional square type and the whole keyboard is propped up slightly over a hump which stores the batteries and usb dongle. The keyboard is slightly elevated at 1cm due to the hump, however that’s all in the height adjustment department. Any more, you will have to rely on your own boosters.

In terms of color, the Blast is more gender neutral and resembles a bumble bee. The other 2 choices , Heartbreaker and Daydream are more feminine. Daydream in soft pastel lilac, yellow and white, while heartbreaker consist of 3 tones of pink. All 3 designs are great to look at and will definitely bring life and character to any scenario. One thing is that the keys are not backlit, only the Caps lock and function keys have a LED light to show it being toggle on/off.

One of the main reasons for getting a mechanical keyboard is to hear the sweet responsive “click” sound made by the keys. But, Instead of the sweet “click” sound, the POP KEYS actually made a “clack” sound! This may be due to the overly big round keycaps which wobbles when you touches it. Typing with the oversized keys can be quite challenging not to mention playing fps games with it.

Specifications and Features.

DimensionsH138mm X W321mm X D35mm
ConnectionBluetooth 5.1 and Logi Bolt USB Receiver (3 devices)
Battery life36 Months
Special Keys12 FN Shortcut + 4 Emoji shortcut (+4 extra swappable emoji keys)
Software SupportLogi Options+

The POP KEYS supports Bluetooth 5.1 and comes with a Logi Bolt USB receiver for fuss free plug and play usage. There are no wired connections to the POP KEYS and is fully wireless only. However, 2 AAA battery is designed to last the POP KEY for up to 3 years of usage.

One of the main features of the POP KEYS is the swappable emoji keys. 4 emoji keys with preprogrammed emojis are easily accessed on the right corner of the keyboard. It can be swapped by the 4 extra emoji keys provided. The keys along with the 12 function keys on the top row can be easily programmed using the Logi Options+ program.

The bottom line.

The main feature and selling point of the POP KEYS had to be the visually attractive design. Having 8 swappable emoji keys may sound nice in this age, however how many times do we actually use these icons. The 12 programmable function keys actually serves a better use from muting the mic, voice to text to snip tool. Being light weigh and easily switched between 3 devices means that it is highly mobile and versatile. It is really meant to be brought to cafes and adds as a statement to your overall style. However if you are someone who prefers style over functionality. The POP KEYS is one of the best looking mobile keyboard in the market.


Pretty keyboard with less than average functionality.


  • Vibrant and colorful.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great battery life.


  • Flimsy keycaps.
  • Limited function of keys
  • Tough to type with.

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