Singapore,12th May 2022

The wait is finally over! Sonos unveils the Sonos Ray, an entry level soundbar aiming to enhance your home theater experience. The Sonos Ray is a compact soundbar aimed at customers with a constraint for space and at a retail price of S$529. It is the most affordable Trueplay doubled powered tweeter soundbar by SONOS.

Sonos Ray will be available at TC Acoustic from today onwards and will hit the major local stores starting 24th June.

Held at the futuristic Soul Coffee Cafe in Kinex Mall, the SONOS Ray launch event was filled with a myriad of sensorial elements that will wow your senses. From Ethiopian coffee made by robots to floor to ceiling wall projections and even a hidden sound room where SONOS Ray’s latest acoustic innovation were delivered.

The SONOS Ray is equipped with the latest acoustic technology which delivers a balanced sound, crisp dialogue and a solid bass. Trueplay scans the space and surrounding and ensures that the acoustics will sound the way it shoud be.

At (559x95x71)mm and weighing at just 1.95kg, the Sonos Ray is build for most families with a penchant for order. The new soundbar will fit nicely in the TV console table and blend nicely among any compact spaces . With forward facing speakers (Two tweeters with four Class-D amplifiers), the Sonos Ray allows the sound to be delivered flawlessly and flow smoothly.

The Sonos Ray will come in two colors, black and white. While it does not support HDMI, it will come with WIFI connectivity and Optical port connectivity. Although it won’t be compatible with Dolby Atmos, the Sonos Ray still packs a punch for it’s size. It will be compatible with all the latest streaming services.

Want surround sound? just add a pair of Sonos Ones and transform the Sonos Ray into a mini cinema with surround sound system!

With it’s compact size and affordable pricing, the Sonos Ray aims to be the first choice by acoustic lovers to build their first home theater system.

Homes have become movie theatres, fitness studios, gaming hubs and so much more, all supported by a streaming era that is no longer exclusive to just TV, music and film.”

Patrick Spence CEO of SONOS

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