Chinese Lunar New Year is finally here! Apart from pineapple tarts, eggrolls and red packets, I am definitely looking forward to POSB’s #HuntYourZodiac game which allows us to win real money via DBS PayLah!. The third edition of POSB’s #HuntYourZodiac2022 is finally here! So download DBS Paylah! and put on your running shoes to start the hunt from 30th January 2022 to 15th February 2022.

This time round a total of SGD 180,000 in cash prizes are up for grabs with ang bao worth up to SGD 888 to be won by the Zodiac hunters! For returning players, there will be a new twist to the game with refreshed gameplay and new challenges.


In line with POSB’s commitment to building communities and enabling shared experiences for all, POSB #HuntYourZodiac is introducing a ‘clan’ element to gameplay through the ‘Zodiac Quest’, a progress-based race that pits the zodiac clans against one another. Based on their year of birth, players of the same zodiac sign will automatically form a clan, with clan results tracked in real-time on the leader board as the clans compete to outplay and “out-hunt” one another to gain rewards, and ultimately emerge as the winning clan at the end of the game period.

This year’s instalment also ups the ante by integrating animation and storytelling, thereby bringing the zodiacs to life with a backstory, as well as unique personality arcs for each character. The game is premised on helping Smiley, POSB’s much loved mascot, to reunite the missing zodiacs – all of which have escaped after having caught whiffs of the irresistible array of CNY delicacies.

Starting 29th January, special sticker packs featuring each of these twelve zodiacs will also be made available on Telegram and Instagram, right in time to jazz up festive CNY greetings! Simply search “Hunt Your Zodiac” on these platforms to download the stickers.

How to play POSB #HuntYourZodiac2022

How to Play?

To play, simply visit the game website at via a mobile device, and create an
account using your mobile number. Please use the mobile number that’s registered to your DBS PayLah!

Once done, you’ll be taken through an interactive tutorial on key game features. This includes guidance
on navigating the game interface, types of Angbaos available and how to win them, and how to catch
the zodiac animals.

Have fun walking around to hunt for the zodiac animals, which can be found at over 34,000
Gates of Fortune located all around Singapore!

Players who successfully capture the zodiacs and win challenges will be rewarded with in-game oranges, which can be exchanged for chances to win cash prizes in the form of angbaos ranging from SGD 0.28 to SGD 888. You can redeem up to 12 angbaos over the course of the event.

This year, you will not only compete as individuals but as a clan! You will be grouped together based on your Zodiac. The more Zodiac animal that clan members caught will translate to higher points for the clan. The clan with the most points (Zodiac animals caught) will be crowned the Best Zodiac 2022!

Power Up items

Don’t worry if you feel that some of the Zodiac animals are too hard to catch, you can rely on power up items to make it easier to play.

• Lure Letter helps you attract a specific zodiac animal type or element, giving you more
opportunities to catch them.
• Extension Roll prevents captured zodiac animals from escaping, so they stay with you for a
longer time.
• Skip Tart enables you to open closed Gates of Fortune so that you can immediately enter it
again to catch another zodiac animal.
• Slow Nian Gao slows down the shuffling speed of the hotpots so you can easily keep an eye
on which one the zodiac animal is hiding under. It’s especially useful when hunting
rarer zodiac animals!

How do i get Power up items?

There are three ways to do so:
• Perform an eligible DBS PayLah! transaction during the campaign period and redeem them via
the power-ups page.
• Get a friend to sign up for a game account using your referral link, and make sure that they
have linked their DBS PayLah! account to their game account.
• By reaching score milestones with your Zodiac Clan in the Zodiac Quest!
Tip: Redeem your power-ups during Golden Hour to get a bonus power-up!

What is an eligible DBS PayLah! transaction?
An eligible DBS PayLah! transaction refers to a cashless transaction made between 10:00am on 30
January to 11:59pm on 15 February 2022, via DBS PayLah! for any of the following transactions:
• Payment to merchants through DBS PayLah! In-app checkout, merchant in-app checkout, Web
checkout, Express checkout
• Scan & Pay transactions to merchants via DBS PayLah! QR Code functionality, and using the
QR Code generated on the NETS terminal or SGQR and PayNow QR codes in Singapore.

Who can play?

It is open to players of all ages, but those under the age of 18 are reminded to seek consent from their
parents or guardian before playing. Players will require a DBS PayLah! account in order to redeem

What are you waiting for! Download DBS Paylah! put on your running shoes and start catching those Zodiac animals to win cash prizes! To play or find out more about POSB #HuntYourZodiac, visit here.

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