If you’ve been keeping up with Marvel’s awesome What If… series on Disney+, you’ll know that the final episode (SPOILERS!) in which Oatu gathers the Guardians of the Multiverse together to take on Ultron is one of the best.

…but did you know that it also ignores a fundamental rule of the Marvel?

Infinity stones don’t work across the Multiverse. It’s a major part of the comics lore.

It’s even shown in the Loki series (which is a part of the MCU, like What If…), when Loki finds a ton of Infinity Stones in possession of the Time Variance Authority. He tried to use one of them but it doesn’t work.

Sure, you can argue the point that the TVA is apart from the Multiverse but that brings up another issue; how then are they affected by Kang’s meddling of the timeline?

The logical answer? The TVA is somehow part of the Multiverse despite them saying otherwise.

So, if you accept that, that makes What If…’s Ultron using his universe’s Infinity Stones in other multiverses impossible.

What If...

In fact, even if you don’t accept Loki’s lore, Ultron’s Infinity Stones also shouldn’t work in the Multiverse.

Remember the part where Gamorra’s Infinity Crusher’s destroyed by Ultron and the gang realizes that a gadget made to destroy one universe’s Infinity Stones doesn’t work on another universe’s stones? Wouldn’t that apply also the other way around? Another universe’s Infinity Stones shouldn’t be able to affect another universe’s <insertobjecthere>.

Ultron might be able to use the stones to peer into the Multiverse (since he’s using it from his universe) but as soon as his ass steps into another one, the stones should immediately be crapping out.

Marvel blatantly ignoring their own rules makes for good drama but at the cost of logic.


Not really, but as consumers what can we do about it other than take what we’re given.

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