Marvel has a ton of cutesy characters. Squirrel Girl’s squirrel sidekicks, Howard the Duck…The Thing. The cutest of them all though, has got to be the mutant (or maybe he’s a monster?) animal known as Jeff the Land Shark.

First making an appearance in a Gwenpool comic, Jeff has journeyed pretty much across a ton of Marvel books before landing constant cameos in recent issues of Deadpool (Gwenpool had Deadpool take over caring for Jeff).

Jeff doesn’t speak, Jeff doesn’t have super powers. Jeff is just a shark that has legs, can breathe air (and water) and can survive on land. Jeff is just Jeff.

Jeff is also super cute.

So cute that even infamous Monster Hunter Elsa Bloodstone, won’t let any harm come to him.

jeff the land shark

Yeah he’s that damn cute.

He’s also so damn cute that Jeff even has his own Marvel Legends action figure!

jeff the land shark

Some major Marvel characters (like Shuma Gorath) don’t even have a figure yet…but Jeff does! That alone should tell him how much the fanbase loves Jeff!

Marvel better get off their asses and move fast though because Netflix already has a Jeff copycat they’re calling Sharkdog.

jeff the land shark

When I saw Sharkdog on Netflix, I honestly thought it was Jeff. It wasn’t and I was left heartbroken.

Thankfully, Sharkdog is an incredibly lame show so there’s some time for Marvel to craft a compelling show that revolves are Jeff the Land Shark.

Giving him his own webcomic is a good start, but it’s not enough to fill the Jeff-sized void in the hearts of Marvel fans everywhere!

With What If… over, it’s certainly time for Jeff to take to the stage to shine!

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