When it comes to remembering passwords, everybody has a problem. It’s gotten to be such an issue that most of us barely bother anymore, saving our passwords to our browser or just enabling auto-login when applicable. Neither of those choices are secure, which is why ViewQwest is upping the ante by introducing the ability for their subscribers to login via Singpass instead.

If you’re a Singaporean, you’ll sure as hell remember your Singpass password. Also, since Singpass is becoming the de factor program for government and health sector apps (just read about HealthHub SG on my Cruise article), it’s something that most of us will regularly turn to on a regular basis.

It’s also managed by the government and is pretty secure, so there’s that it has going for it too.


It might be just me, but after all the recent thefts of data (remember the Singtel hack from earlier this year?) from telcos and ISP, having my personal data out of the hands of corporations with crappy digital security seems like the best way forward.

Since you can also login via QR code too, even remembering your Singpass password isn’t as big of an issue as it could be!

ViewQwest is the first ISP to implement this but I really hope the others follow in their footsteps and implement Singpass as well. Only time will tell, but for customers of ViewQwest, the security fears should be much more manageable now, knowing their data is safe with Singpass at the helm.

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