When Sal reviewed the original SONOS Beam, he had nothing but (mostly) good things to say about it. No wonder too, the SONOS Beam was an amazing soundbar with tremendous sound quality. SONOS’ not one to rest on their laurels despite that, so now we have the SONOS Beam (Gen 2).

Do I need to say that it sounds absolutely stellar?

The first of the upgrades that are coming have been a long time coming.

That’s right…Dolby Atmos support is here!

With the proper sound setup, Dolby Atmos gives you complete 3D sound, with audio seem to come from every direction. Whether the SONOS Beam (Gen 2) can live up to its promise is unknown but given how great the original SONOS Beam was and SONOS’ track record, it’s pretty much a given.

Other improvements to the soundbar include enhanced sound (featuring a newly developed phased speaker array), eARC support, a much sleeker look (updated polycarbonate grille that’s precisely perforated for optimal sound quality), easier setup (including new NFC capabilities) and for the eco friendly among us, sustainable packaging.

If you’re interested in the SONOS Beam (Gen 2), you can head on over to TC Acoustic’s website (the local distributor for SONOS) to get the new soundbar at SG$799.

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