After Ubisoft, Microsoft is now at bat! Next up in our series, E3 2021: Microsoft/ Bethesda reveals!

Early in this morning, Microsoft and Bethesda unveiled their upcoming games at this year’s E3. The summary is this; tons of games, with most of them coming to Game Pass.

Scroll down to see what games make up the E3 2021: Microsoft/ Bethesda reveal!

So without further ado, here’s what was shown, if you’re not interested in sitting through the showcase.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Reveal

The next Halo is coming this year, with its multiplayer portion free to play. Both are coming Holiday 2021.

Redfall Reveal

The next game coming from Arkane Studios (the guys behind Dishonored). Xbox exclusive, coming in 2022.

Forza Horizon 5 Reveal

The next Forza Horizon will be set in Mexico! Expect the series’ brand of open world racing, this time with the power of the Xbox Series consoles behind it. Coming November 9 2021.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Sal thought the PC version of the game was the bee’s knees! Hopefully, the Xbox Series version will be just as great! Coming very soon, July 27 2021 to be exact!

Outer Worlds 2 Reveal

The sequel to the hilarious RPG is coming…some time. Nobody knows when. Probably 2023.

Age of Empires IV Gameplay Preview

The latest in the Age of Empires series. Sadly, only for PC. Coming October 28 2021.

The Ascent Trailer

We know this was coming for a helluva long time now so no idea why it shown in the showcase. Cyberpunk dungeon crawler in the vein of Diablo. Coming next month to Game Pass, pre-load is available now.

Eiyuden Chronicle

Suikoden’s spiritual successor looks pretty good…but its years away. Expect it in 2023, with the spinoff (Eiyuden Rising) in 2022.

Among Us 15-Player Lobbies

3 saboteurs, 15 players…no release date other than Coming Soon.

Grounded: New Update

The Broodmother Spider drops in for a visit, more improvements (and achievements!) to the game! Update goes live in a couple of weeks!

Replaced Announced

Gorgeous 2D game but no other details than that. Coming next year.

Atomic Heart

Alternate universe 1955 USSR looks damn cool. No idea what’s the game about. Notice a pattern with these trailers yet? No release date at all.


Not a game about Shredder from TMNT (sadly). Looks like Cool Boarders (from the Playstation 1 era) but with current tech…so Steep? Snowmobiles, snowboards and endless snow. December 2021.

Slime Rancher 2 Announced

More vacuuming of cute slimes and breeding/feeding them. First one was fun, so second one might be good too! Coming some time in 2022.

Far Cry 6 Gameplay

Looks pretty Far Cry-ly. Open world, lots of killing but with a more Caribbean twist this time. Coming October 7 2021.

A Plague Dream: Requiem Revealed

Sequel to the awesome game with tons of murdering mice. More murdering rodents coming to murder people in this new one.

Diablo II Resurrected Release Trailer

Looks really good, almost like a new game even. Can’t wait to revisit Sanctuary on September 23 2021.

Somerville Reveal

It’s description is ‘In the wake of catastrophe you must find the means to make your family whole again. Somerville is a Sci-Fi adventure grounded in the intimate repercussions of large scale conflict.’. Yeah, no idea what the game is about too. Coming 2022.

Hades Coming to Game Pass

Maybe you’ve heard of this? I heard it’s popular. Coming August 13 2021.

Party Animals Announced

Looks like a more party focused Fall Guys with plushies? Characters look cute at least. Coming 2022.

The Elder Scrolls Online Enhanced for Series Consoles

Series X and S consoles get upgrades! Woo hoo? Depends on if you’re playing. It’s going live June 15 2021.

Fallout 76: Expeditions – The Pitt Teaser

One of the locations from Fallout 3 returns! Did anybody ask for that? Releasing in 2022.

Fallout 76: Steel Reign Reveal

Up next for Fallout 76, a new story expansion centered on the Brotherhood of Steel and everybody’s favourite wasteland freaks, the Super Mutants! Free for all players. Hitting the game July 7 2021.

Psychonauts 2 Release Date Reveal

Finally coming? Maybe? Hopefully? I don’t know…my hype for the game’s gone. Hits Game Pass August 25 2021.

Twelve Minutes Release Date Reveal

Will the game last only Twelve Minutes? Find out when it releases on August 19 2021.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Reveal

No campaign, but 128 player battles! Worth the trade? Find out on October 22 2021.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon on Game Pass

Great news? Out now on Game Pass.

Sea of Thieves x Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow! The Flying Dutchman! Zombie pirates! All coming on June 22 2021.

Contraband Reveal

What is about? No idea. Smuggling probably. Release date? Who knows.

Back 4 Blood New Mode Announcement

Ok, so it now has a PVP mode that’s similar to Left 4 Dead’s. Yay? Hits Game Pass October 12 2021.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Gameplay Reveal

More wandering in Chernobyl. More monsters. No Artyom. Hits April 22 2022.


The Elder Scrolls in space? No idea but since it’s from Bethesda…possibly? Xbox exclusive, will land 11.11.22. Somehow I highly doubt it’ll meet that date.

So there you have it… that’s E3 2021: Microsoft Reveals for you.

This is the slate for the immediate future of the Xbox Series consoles. Anything that caught your interest? I’m betting on Starfield, Halo Infinite, Battlefield 2042, Hades and Diablo 2! Stay tuned for more E3 entries!

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