As somebody who was introduced to the original Playstation through the first Resident Evil, the series holds a special place in my heart. It scared the crap out of me, something no game had ever done at that point of my life. I distinctly remember the ‘click, click’ of Jill’s Beretta and the chill running down my spine knowing I’d be dying soon as I tried to fend off a zombie in one of the Spencer mansion’s hallways. My love for Resident Evil’s not diminished in all this time. You’d expect I’d be chomping at the bit to play Resident Evil Village.

You’re right! I am!

I’m not going to play the demos though and I’ve already made my opinion clear on what I think of the Re:Verse multiplayer component.

Capcom’s insane timing that forced gamers to play the demo at certain times is certainly part of it. I’ve never liked timed demos and being forced to cater to Capcom’s arbitrary rules on when and how I can play it didn’t sit well with me at all. It’s a damn demo Capcom! Let people play at their own damn pace!

I don’t even know her name! I don’t want to know!

That’s a major reason for my avoidance of the game but it’s not the MAIN reason.

I don’t want to be spoiled.

You see, the main reason I play Resident Evil isn’t for the gameplay (which has evolved over the years), but for the damn lore. I read the comics, I read the books, I read the manga…I even read the series’ wiki to glean info I might be unaware of. It’s the story of the games that I’m invested in and playing a demo is contrary to that.

Why would I subject myself to a slice of gameplay from Resident Evil Village that will leave me wanting more? It’s just adding salt into an open wound! In fact, playing a demo is a futile exercise! You’ll just spoil the gameplay and then have to repeat it the same section again in the full version of the game!

It’s not like this is Capcom’s virgin First Person Resident Evil effort! We know how awesome they fared on Resident Evil 7 and there’s zero reason to think that they’ve not gotten better since!

Unlike some demos, the Resident Evil Village ones don’t let you save and carry over your progress! So what’s the damn point?

With one week left, why would I spoil the game when it’s so near release!

Here’s hoping Resident Evil Village has really juicy lore contributions to the series! I can’t wait!

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