If you’ve been waiting for the Playstation Plus April free games to go live, wait no longer! As of this writing, all of the freebies are up and available at no cost on the Playstation Store!

This month’s offerings are Soulstorm, Days Gone and Xmorph Defense.

Soulstorm (for PS5 owners only) is the continuation of the Oddworld series of the games. It follows Abe from Abe’s Odyssey as he rallies his fellow mudokons to rebel against their oppressive overlords. It’s a brand spanking new game too, released on April 6.

Days Gone is SONY’s answer to The Walking Dead. It’s a free roaming action game set in a post apocalyptic world that’s overrun with zombies. You’ll need to scavenge and ride your way through zombie hordes as you try to survive. Pretty fun, if repetitive. It’s better on the PS5 with its new 60fps patch and fast loading though.

Finally, Xmorph Defense is a tower defense game which lets you get right into the action. I have the game (having bought it months ago) and it’s a passable, if rather bland, game. You might enjoy it in short burst though.

Sadly, the US subscribers get a better deal as they get Zombie Army 4: Dead War instead of the middling Xmorph Defense. I wonder what the issue was that prevented universal giveaway for Zombie Army 4. It’s not like the retail game isn’t available on the Asian PSN…

Nonetheless, the Playstation Plus April lineup is pretty solid overall with Soulstorm and Days Gone in the fray.

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