In 2009, gamers got their hands on Borderlands, and it proved to be one of the best loot shooters to be made. With a horrendous level of humour and incredible cel-shaded designs, it sealed its spot on our list of top games!

It’s been almost more than a year now since Gearbox released Borderlands 3, and they have done quite well to push out DLCs to keep the game alive. However, it does beg the question as to when we’ll see the next sequel?

And while we don’t exactly have a confirmation for a game, we did weirdly get an announcement for a movie in the works last year.

Borderlands is the gift that keeps on giving.

The charm of the Borderlands world is that it has always been weird. But, things may have just gotten a lot weirder now that Kevin Hart got cast to be in the film.

Honestly, I have nothing against the guy. I admire his dedication to his craft; he’s a great comedian and a talented actor. And to see him in Borderlands feels right since he could bring his comedic talents to Pandora, and it would fit perfectly for the role of Claptrap.

However, that’s not the role he got chosen for; he’s playing Roland! Shocking, right? I would have never guessed it since Roland is a straight-up no-nonsense soldier and Kevin Hart is well…Kevin Hart.

It just doesn’t seem to fit all that well, but then again, we have seen some people change entirely for a role and made a huge impact. So maybe this time, we’ll see a different side of Kevin for a change that could open up his career to include more varieties of roles.

Ultimately, I hope that Kevin Hart delivers a wonderful performance in the movie because I really want to watch it!

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