As a gamer, you would have come across AORUS line of high-end gaming products such as laptops and desktops. As a recognized gaming brand created by GIGABYTE, its been in a strategic partnership with G2 Esports since 2018 to work together innovatively during product developments to better understand the needs of current gamers.

To maintain this ongoing effective partnership, AORUS and G2 Esports are extending their collaboration for yet another year. This milestone will be their fourth and consecutive cycle, and to celebrate this remarkable occasion AORUS is releasing the Z490 G2 Edition motherboard; a premium quality module that integrates the G2 iconic samurai logo on it.

The AORUS 15G is available in Singapore now.

The AORUS 15G is the all-rounder of AORUS’s gaming notebook series and was only achieved by working together with the feedback given by the G2 Esports team. The laptop centres on the need for a gamer’s comfort as well as productivity by converging in the middle of these two points. The 15G laptop series costs at MSRP from $2,599.

Apart from that, the AORUS 15P will also be releasing some time in November. The laptop may not be as powerful as the 15G laptop series, but it is more than capable of supporting a casual gamer’s needs.

Here’s an overall comparison of their products:

The AORUS 15G is currently available for purchase online at Shopee and Lazada. You can also get it at the following selected retailers: Challenger (Bugis Junction), Challenger (JEM), Dynacore and Media Mart.

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